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Saying goodbye to Dibs!Keisha playing hard to get at the Smooch Your Pooch Booth!Keisha playing hard to get at the Smooch Your Pooch Booth!My love.......BRET!!!! Had to go to the Smooch you Pooch booth with him!RORR family reunion (left to right) with Dickens (now Boomer), Lady Butler, Scarlett and the pup's mom Bettie Lu (now Tasha).RORR alumni dog Dickens (now Boomer).Bill and JinglesDana Hartmann and her RORR dog!Keisha having so much fun!Part of the RORR teamKeisha getting ready for her big moment on Rescue Runway!Jingles needing a nap after the walk.Aneisha looked like she was going to be a one man show with Nabisco at first!Keisha....a star on Rescue Runway!Dibs did not look back when he got in the car!Zsara Hamlin ready to strut!!!Keisha loving a day out!Dibs going as foster to adopt with hopefully, his new dad!

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