Zenfolio | Reach Out Rescue and Resources | Nov- The 2nd Annual Holiday Pet Festival, Frederick, MD
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The RORR BoothThe RORR BoothThe RORR BoothThe RORR BoothVolunteers- Karen, Barb, Sandra, and LukeDogs having funLuke, the VP, and his familyLuke, the VP, and his familyShelby getting some loveFrisbee demonstrationFrisbee demonstrationFrisbee demonstrationFrisbee demonstrationSheryl grabbing people off the floor to get donations for Miss DollyLook at our President and Treasurer crunching those numbers!Volunteer SherylCan you believe they are making me walk around with this head gear on?And here comes the carolers! When all 7 of them chimed in, that was something!Shepherd said not even the lamb could hide him from those carolersVolunteers Sandra, Luke, and his family

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