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Lady, our Heinz 57 variety dog, came to us nine years ago with her sibling, a Golden retriever type. We called them Lady and Tramp. Both were pregnant and we scheduled them to get spayed. Tramp got the surgery first. Unfortunately, she had complications with the anesthesia and died, so we decided that with Lady we would have her pups before getting fixed.

Lady had seven pups; two that were black, brown and tan like her and five that looked like pure black Labs. Two of those died and we helped her raise the remaining five. When they were old enough, we had the vet check them out and then proceeded to find homes for all five within a week.

Life settled down after that and it wasn’t long before Lady became a regular member of the family. She loved to ride in the car. Didn’t matter where we went or if she had to wait in the car for us, she was happy just to be with us. She was loved by all of our cats as well. There are many pictures of Lady with the different cats that live with us.

Over the years, Lady had some minor health issues, the biggest being her ears and we spent many visits at the vets, and meds to clear up polyps. But this year brought the most challenges. She had cataracts and they ruined her sight. Surgery would have been astronomical. Then she had a tumor in her abdomen and the vet believed it to be cancerous so we began with meds to ease her pain and keep her comfortable. Finally, on Thursday, August 4, she moaned and groaned, barked and whined for hours, so we had to take her to the vets and he said it was time... Lady should not have to suffer any more.

There’s an emptiness in our hearts, but thankfully, we had recently gotten a foster dog, Milton the Chihuahua, who is helping to keep us focused and keep our grief contained. Lady was the absolute best dog there ever was.

Tom & Jeri Rock
LadyLady and StarLady and Cat

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