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From Marian Krause...

It is very sad news indeed. My wonderful pal and buddy for many years is gone. King was 13 – give or take a few months. He had been dealing with arthritis, dysplasia, and for the past few years, DM was taking its toll. His body was failing.

We adopted King in 2003 from MAGSR. He was undergoing treatment for HW at the time and after adoption, we found that he also had Lyme disease….and tapeworm….he was a mess! But a more gentle and sweet soul you could not find anywhere. He instantly fit into our large and noisy family as if he had always belonged. He was especially fond of a bossy, twitchy little black cocker spaniel named Lucy. She returned the feelings. Everyone loved King. He was always a gentleman to everyone – and even when he silently took the steak off the counter and chowed down on every morsel – leaving not even a trace except a very clean plate, we still loved him and ate out that night.

In his prime, King was gorgeous – Throughout his entire life he was a magnificent Shepherd and very representative of the breed. As he aged, he became more and more mellow – never losing that sense of humor, but definitely more forgiving as a seemingly non-ending parade of cats and foster puppies shared his home.

He was a loving and faithful friend and I will miss him – always.

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