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Awww that feels good ---- PetSmart Mgr Brittany Leonard giving Dibbs a massageLibbet giving Jeanette some love!!RORR volunteers Heather, Taylor & Linda with his royal highness Pearce looking so regal!Mr. Regal himself PEARCE getting some love from one of his tiny subjects! He loved everybody!Awww this feels so good to be in the arms of love says LibbitPEARCE loving the attentionKEISHA making sure I've got the camera up to take her picture with some doggy fans with Linda!Us guys are just a chillin under the shade tree! Dibbs with Mr. CurtisYea we are minding our own business just relaxing---Dibbs and Mr. CurtisWhat is going on over there -- oh yea there are cats over there says Keisha with Linda & DonnaCould you be my new Mommy says Libbit to Kenna CrowellI love you says Libbit to PetSmart Mger Brittany LeonardPetSmart employee's couldn't get enough of our loveable Libbit with Brittany LeonardA walking we will go...A walking we will go...Akela w/Taylor and Dibbs w/CurtisPEARCE Mr. Greeter himselfOh yes right there says AKELADibbs not sure of his new fans. Our boy did so good for his first RORR event, timid but good for him

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