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We are the proud owners of Lady Pricilla, who we call Lady and sometimes Lady Bug. We adopted Lady from Reach Out Rescue & Resources on Oct 30, 2010. Lady has been an amazing addition to our family. Her transition into our family was so smooth. She is so well behaved. We still cannot believe that others passed her up for so long. Boy they had no idea what a great dog they were passing by, but lucky for us they did. Because now we have the best family pet!

I own a residential photography studio and always have clients coming in the house. They are always so amazed by how well behaved she is. My clients ask me all the time "Wow, how did you train her so well?" I wish we could take credit for her great training, but we can't. The cell dog training program that many of the dogs from Reach Out Rescue & Resources have gone through is an amazing program, and they deserve all the credit. Lady came to us knowing all her basic commands such as sit, stay, heel, drop it, down, come, and no. She even knows how to give her paw:) Although Lady came very well trained we still found a local dog trainer to work with who would train us to work with Lady. Lady was well trained but we needed more training then her. Our trainer Wendy helped us learn to work with Lady on leash walking, which Lady does well at but does need some additional training. But even our trainer was surprised by how well trained Lady is and how well she already does on a leash.

Again, I really brought Wendy in to help us, especially my two daughters ages 11 & 8 learn how to work with Lady. Both girls have done amazing with Lady since we started training. They love to play the Hide & Here game with her. They hide somewhere in the house, then yell "HERE" and Lady goes and finds them. When she does they give her a treat. It will keep all 3 busy for quite some time.

Lady was so well trained that she never even got on our furniture until we persuaded her to. She has never chewed on anything or had an accident in the house. The only time we put her in her kennel is when we leave the house for long periods of time. At night she usually sleeps in bed with one of my daughters or with me & my husband. She can be a bed hog though. LOL We are very excited to be sharing our first Christmas with her this year. We went out as a family and purchased her a stocking to hang with ours. We have already bought her several presents for her stocking and both girls are looking forward to putting gifts under the tree for her. She is a very well loved and pampered dog. Working with Reach Out Rescue & Resources was great. I had a lot of questions and concerns about adopting a dog that we really weren't going to be meeting until the day we brought her home. But everyone I spoke with was very patient and understanding. I really wanted to make sure that we were choosing the right dog for our family, and after speaking with Becki I realized that they wanted to make sure they were finding the right family for Lady also. Which really made me feel much better.

If we ever decide to adopt a second dog it will be through Reach Out Rescue & Resources and it will be another cell dog graduate. But for now we are enjoying Lady being the only dog, and I think she is enjoying it also. She gets ALL the attention and love.

I can't even begin to express to those of you reading this how grateful we are to Libby and everyone else from Reach Out Rescue & Resources for all their help. Our Lady bug is amazing and really is the best dang on dog. The Reed Family

October 2011 update:
The Reed family adopted another dog named Roscoe! Like his sister, Lady, he is also a graduate of the Cell Dog program. Everyone is doing well, and Roscoe and Lady played together soon after being introduced.
Lady Pricilla, before adoption.Lady and her new family!Lady and her new family!Lady and her new family!LadyLadyLadyRoscoeRoscoeRoscoeThe Reed Family Portrait - 2011

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