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From Jennifer Merriman...

It's hard for me to write much detail because of the pain I still feel about that situation. Kellie contracted viral pneumonia somehow (she probably caught it from another dog riding in the van with her). She was never that well acting since I picked her up, but she had ups and downs, so I hoped it was just a matter of adjusting. By the end of the first week, Kellie seemed definitely sick, so I spoke with my vet. We arranged for Kellie to be seen the following Thursday. My vet tested her and gave Kellie a shot of an antibiotic, pills, eye drops, and a continued diet of rice and chicken (she had not been eating well since she arrived here). She seemed to improve the next day, then Saturday she still had no drive. That night she vomited. I took her temperature through out the morning (104), called my vet and finally thought Kellie was too ill to wait another day for hospital treatment...I drove her to a Pet ER. They admitted her.

Kellie remained there while they rehydrated her with an intravenous drip and a broader spectrum of antibiotics. She didn't respond to anything. The doctors finally called me to come in to talk face to face with them on Tuesday. They had done every test they could think of that made sense. They decided what she had was a viral pneumonia. When I saw Kellie for the first time in two days, I was astonished at how much worse she looked! She couldn't stand and was very was horrible! The doctors couldn't offer any help but to let the virus take its course and hope Kellie would make it through. I decided it was far kinder to Kellie to let her go at that point and stop her suffering. I didn't see any chance for her to have the strength to make it another day like that. I am bereft and alone again. She was such a good soul and the perfect dog, with a calm loving temperament.
Kellie (aka Kelly)Kellie (aka Kelly)Kellie (aka Kelly)Kellie (aka Kelly)

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