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From Cindy Hagan...

Nellie had her puppies from 11:50pm last night until 5:40am this morning. There are 7 puppies! Nellie is such a good momma. They are really vocal and their tails wag when they nurse!! Their eyes are not even open. No clue as to daddy... one has some white on his belly and one has some tips of white on his toes... Cute as can be.

There are 2 girls and 5 boys (one boy is brown)!

And what about names? Well for the girls, we have Noelle and Twinkle. For the boys, we have Nicholas, Blitzen, Donner, Prancer and Alvin (that's the brown-haired puppy).

You can help support Nellie and her puppies (and many other dogs), by donating to our "Tree of Hope":

Thank you!!
Nellie, in South CarolinaNellie at the vet on 11/28Nellie and puppiesNellie and puppiesNellie and puppiesNellie and puppiesPrancer at 2 weeks.Prancer at 5 weeks.Donner at 2 weeks.Donner at 5 weeks.Nicholas at 2 weeks.Nicholas at 5 weeks.Noelle at 2 weeks.Noelle at 5 weeks.Blitzen at 2 weeks.Blitzen at 5 weeks.Alvin at 2 weeks.Alvin at 5 weeks.Twinkle at 2 weeks.Twinkle at 5 weeks.

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