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From Anastasia Resnik...

Lexi is the most wonderful dog. We just love her and (we think) she just loves us. She is still timid around cameras, but when I take pictures with my cell phone she is not aware that she is being photographed and, hence, not afraid. Since the ones I have attached were taken with my phone, they are rather blurry, but they still show her winning smile and big beautiful eyes!

She loves to play and will run and chase her stuffed animals for as long as we will throw them for her. She is fascinated watching rabbits out our window and loves to chase them out of our backyard if she is lucky enough to go out when there is one chomping on grass. She still loves to watch deer and usually barks at them. However, we’ve noticed three baby deer around the area lately and Lexi never barks at them, only the adults. She must know to be gentle around the babies! She continues to walk on her leash beautifully and is great with other dogs. Many thanks for finding her for us!

Our daughter who was a bit timid around Lexi the day we got her, has come full circle. Both girls will do anything for Lexi from feeding her to cleaning up after her. They both love their furry sister! We all call her our loyal friend!
Lexi, before adoption.LexiLexiLexiLexi

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