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From Gail Epstein...

Daisy and Scruffy are doing great. And they do make me laugh every day.

They are both in doggy day camp and love it, and everyone at PetSmart really likes them.

About 3 months ago Daisy was really sick. I had to take her to the emergency room, she had pancreatis and was in the hospital for 3 days, but she's better than new now. She is on a special low fat diet and has lost at least 4 pounds. Hopefully you can see how good she looks in the pictures. She also loves the food.

Getting them in the car is no longer a problem and in fact this week Scruffy jumped in the car by himself while I was straightening the seat cover. (I didn't even know he could jump in the car) Daisy is comfortable enough to start sitting up and looking at the windows. I don't need treats to get them in.

Daisy also seems to go into hunting mode when she sees a cottontail rabbit or certain smells.
Miss Daisy B, before adoption.Scruffy Dog, before adoption.Daisy and ScruffyDaisyScruffy and DaisyScruffy and DaisyScruffy and DaisyScruffy

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