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From Melanie Duvall...

The girls did very well last night. They slept until 6:30 (as you said) and needed to go outside. Tippy still seems quite nervous. I'm hoping she will adjust after another day or so. The boys had them outside for a long time playing this morning already. They are actually napping now. I guess they are pooped. We worked with them this morning with Kitty. Molly just wants to play with her and Tippy wasn't interested in her at all. We have to do a little training with the stairs with Tippy too. I will keep you posted on them. Thanks.

Update from November 9th...

They are doing great. Quite the opposites of what you would think. Molly is stuck to me like glue (where I thought that would be true of Tippy). Tippy tends to stay with my husband and youngest son. She loves to just lay on the couch. If I leave, my husband says Molly looks through the entire house a few times and when she finally realizes I'm gone, she will jump up on my bed and wait for me. They have done great with pottie training and they both sit and stay now. Molly will retrieve and return, Tippy just plays - she doesn't want to give the toy back. We did introduce them to the Bessie (my goat). The puppies weren't interested in her at all and she is really scared of them. Both puppies wanted to chase the rooster around, so we had to put a stop to that. We were scared they would injure him. I will send you a pic of them when I get the chance. They are getting big.
Thanks again and please let the lady in NC that found Molly know, that she is doing great and has a great home.
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