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From Gini & Paul Cormier...

These great dogs have been given a second chance. Gordon is a Gordon Setter, and Randy is a Gordon Setter / Flat-Coated Retriever mix... neither dog had known each other before their meet & greet with the Cormiers a few weeks ago, but each day they are feeling more comfortable and "brotherly". They played for the first time, and the happy results were that they wore each other out... the photo of them in the hallway is the direct result of playtime! Gini and Paul tell us that the dogs "are doing well beyond our expectations!"

It is such joy to watch the two of them chase each other and run around the backyard! I look forward to coming home from work! Gordie continues to be a very active puppy and LOVES to chase the ball over and over and over again! Randy is the mellow guy who bites Gordie's ear or front leg trying to get him to play. What fun!

Update, 9/21/2011:

Randy and Gordie are great hunters! They are working on reducing the population of voles, a chipmunk and a mole in my gardens. I have to be careful where they dig, but they are good about stopping digging when I ask - most times! Randy seems to be getting a sparkle in his eyes and seems to be more snuggly with us. Gordie continues to be the schmoozy one and prefers to be on our laps at the end of the day. However, if there is a ball nearby, he expects it to be tossed!
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