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We received an urgent message from Steffi Ridgel on July 21st... "please help find a rescue for Bitsy and Reba!"

These two senior Pekingese dogs had just lost their Mom, and needed to find a new home.

The folks at Reach Out Rescue & Resources went into action, getting the word out about these two. The message was also posted to the RORR Facebook page and a few other rescue pages. Within a few hours, we had a message on our Facebook page from Debb Farmer... "If we could get them to Westport CT, we can take them. We are Tiny Paws Wet Noses dog rescue."

Well, after some discussion as to how to get them up to Connecticut, the daughter of Bitsy and Reba's mom volunteered to drive them up.

Now the terrific news... the Connecticut rescue intake person fell in love with both Bitsy and Reba and has adopted them! As Steffi said, "I bet the Mom is smiling down right about now, knowing her babies she loved so much have a good place to live out their lives."
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