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From Kathy Dalfrey...

"He is doing SO well with us and I can't imagine letting him go and turning his world upside down again after all that he has been through."

Yes, Kathy was Gus' foster, and well everything worked out for him!! Not only does he have a new forever home, but a new name!

Update from November 2011...
Our dude is doing well! He had his holiday portraits taken last weekend with his brothers and sisters. Now that it is getting colder, he is having more trouble walking so we are keeping a snuggie on him a lot of the time. He had a check up at the vet a few weeks back and we found out that he has extensive arthritis through his entire spine. However, as long as he keeps that tail wagging, keeps playing, and keeps his ferocious appetite, I am going to assume that he is comfortable and happy. I found out a few weeks back (by accident) that he LOVES to play ball and is a great retriever!! At some point in his life, someone trained him because he brings the ball back and drops it directly between my feet. I was so excited that I wore him out that day because I kept throwing it for him. I learned that night that he would play all day if I let him, but he was a little cranky because it was too much :) All in all, he is doing really well. His coat has grown into this gorgeous golden/blond color and his eyes are brighter than ever!!! He is still a velcro pup and literally walks with his nose touching the back of my legs. Such a sweet and special boy.
Gus, before adoption.Gus, before adoption.CodyCody and MontanaCody and MontanaCodyCody is ready for his first holiday with his new family!

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