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Lucky Number 7

First off, I want to mention that I have been doing rescue since childhood. Started with barn kittens, whom I caught, tamed and re-homed. Later, as an adult, I got into finding homes for dogs in need… then my boy Mercury was stolen. I put out posters, and every stray female golden was brought to me! I got into rescue officially. Seven and a half years after Mercury was stolen, I get a phone call. It goes something like, “would you be willing to take a very senior English Bull Mastiff?” Without hesitation I said “yes”!

Two days later, I met the big guy. The landlord of the current family of this big sweet boy brought him to me. He had gone through 6 families prior to coming to me, one of which was the landlord's own daughter. She loved him, but got one of those job offers you can’t refuse overseas. So, the landlord’s willingness to save this big lug was not surprising. I am sure you have noted the ‘big lug’ I keep calling him. When our boy Rosco arrived, he was a whopping 197 pounds! He was also extremely ill, dehydrated, and depressed. He had to have help coming out of the van. He could barely walk. I saw something in that sad face, and my heart broke. I knew he needed me, and there was still something inside worthy of the time to bring it out. Of course, I posted him for adoption. NO hits in two months. But, by then I knew he was staying. I was not going to be home number seven on the way to being home number eight. Seven, being my lucky number, seemed to be his as well.

I started him on a good diet, fresh water (which he drank by the buckets that first day); his urine was Jell-O just before it jiggles. Two days later he wobbled around the yard with a tad of hope on his face.

That kind landlord is Rosco’s ‘Grandpa’, who takes him to be groomed, the vet, or a day outing. Now it is almost 16 months after his arriving, and he is the mascot of my kennel and rescue. He bounces around the yard with a devilish grin, and will chase you for biscuits. He has some arthritis, and walks funny due to an old injury, but most of all he is HAPPY! Rosco has lost that excessive weight; he is a healthy 146 pounds now. Yesterday was my annual puppy reunion. Rosco has managed to attend two now, and of course everyone asked where the big guy is. Sporting one of my Dads old ties, he visited everyone with that grin and then went to his room. Rosco will be 11 years old on the 1st of July. If you know the breed, you’re going “REALLY?”… because the life expectancy is only 8-10 years. Hoping to make his 11th together.

Rosco has helped numerous scared rescues and boarders bloom into happy canines. He has helped raise a few litters of puppies he adores. At the reunion he had puppies walk up to him and give him kisses, those he played with when they were tiny pups.

Do I regret bringing him in my life - NEVER! To my big lug, thank you for the laughter, smiles, and that grin.
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