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Linus and Dad are fast friends now. Every evening I come home to find Dad watching TV in the den and Linus on the couch right beside him. Linus follows Dad everywhere and has gotten use to Dad’s little whistle that he does when it’s time to go outside. At bedtime Linus has decided that the floor at the foot of Dad’s bed is best since Dad won’t let him IN the bed. Neither of them are much in favor of all this heat but they spend the lazy days of summer in the AC and don’t seem to mind. If it’s cool enough when I get home in the evenings I walk Linus so that he at least gets a little exercise. Wish I could say the same for Dad. The vet appointment went great. Linus was so well behaved at the office. He just came in and sat right beside Dad and waited his turn. Not even an angry growl or whimper when the vet was checking him out. All is well and he is totally healthy except for his dental work. We will be starting the dental repairs in 2 weeks. We couldn’t have found a more perfect companion for Dad!!!
Linus, before adoption.Linus

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