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From Whitney and Araminta...

Eli is doing really well, exploring the back yard, saying hello to the neighbors and “supervising” us at work. His favorite toy is a pull/Kong combo that we can play tug of war with. He also has a soft, open web ball that he likes to play fetch with. When he brings it back, we trade him for a small piece of kibble, saying the command “give.” He only gets a fresh toss when he brings it back - not when he drops it half way. He is so smart, this took about three tries before he knew to bring it back, although he still wants to run around our legs a little bit before hesitantly giving it to us.

I got a book on agility training and one on “101 Dog Tricks.” It is obvious that he will quickly get bored with just a few challenges, so we are trying to keep up with his desire to move and explore. We are working on “stay,” which is SOOO hard because he wants to be right with us. But by combining Stay with placing one of his toys behind a chair or around the corner, we are working our way up to “Find it” and then Give. It’s a pretty good game and he is a quick learner. I can only go a few steps away right now, but he’s getting the hang of it and I expect I will be able to leave the room in a few weeks to hide his toy.

At night time he snuggles with us until it is time for lights out, then he has a big bed of his own at the foot of ours. (Araminta calls it “snothering” because he snuggles to the point of smothering. So much love…). We get a wake up face lick when he needs to go out.

Walks are a favorite sport (no surprise) and “heal” is coming along well. We continue to practice “off” when he jumps on people or furniture.

Thanks again for the amazing head start you all gave Eli in learning to sit and come, and to be part of a family.

October 4, 2011 update...
Eli is adjusting nicely to his new life with us. Please extend our thanks to all who had a hand in bringing us together.
Eli, before adoption.Eli and his new family, Whitney and Araminta.EliEliEli

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