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From Jill Orlov & Brennen Jensen...

Update from November 2nd...
We've left them alone in the house twice now - NO CRATE! I can't tell you how amazed I am about how good they are. They have really transformed. Very comfortable in the house - Greta has started to get on our bed. She inches her way on, thinking we can't notice her. They are so sweet. I think the next step is to drop the "fostering" and adopt them. How can we give them up now?

Update from November 10th...
They are soo sweet - I think the pairing really makes them even better. If only we can get them to sleep in past 6am. They start playing around then - tumbling around each other. I want to get a video of them running around the yard at full speed and playing with each other - just the coolest thing to watch. Obviously, i'm still not comfortable letting them off the leash outside of the yard, so we take long walks usually twice a day - sometimes just once if they run each other ragged in the yard in the afternoon.

We gave them their first baths last weekend - Greta promptly rolled in the dirt after we let them run around in the yard. They were each much less squirmy than we thought they'd be - it wasn't that bad. Not that they really liked it - Zola stayed out of the bathroom for a few days afterwards. They have gotten to be pretty comfortable with us, but still a little shy around some guests. Zola hid upstairs for quite awhile when we had Brennen's brother and a friend of mine over. They do better when we have just one guest at a time or only women it seems.

We got sooo lucky with them!
Greta, before adoption.Zola, before adoption.GretaZolaGreta and Zola

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