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From Cheryl & Jeff Wilhelm...

We are happy to report that this sweet girl is doing fine now about four month after we adopted her. We’ve since renamed her Jenna and we like to endearingly call her Jenna Bear because her face reminds us of the polar bear from the holiday Coca Cola ads. For the past month , she has been enrolled in a obedience and agility class series. Jenna is a fast learner and loves romping outside. She is very strong and athletic and has been learning to jump agility fences in our yard. She can leap long and high. Her favorite game is fetch and she dutifully returns everything we throw for her to retrieve. Jenna shares the house with us and our tomcat, Mischief. She doesn’t bother the cat and is quite frankly, under the cat’s thumb if you know what I mean. We love her a lot and enjoy her down time as she lounges with us on the couches. We are glad to have given her a forever home with us.
Carrie, before adoption.Jenna

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