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From Kathy Martin...

I wanted to share pictures and an update of our Romeo a.k.a. Dude! His name fits him to a “T”! His fur is sooooooo soft! He does the cutest happy dance when it’s breakfast and dinner time. He’ll take a piece of kibble and toss it in the air a couple of times before he eats!

He is an awesome young man. Dr. Mark said that he is perfect, good muscle tone and his knees are great! When Romeo first came in he didn’t want to come to you to get petted nor would he come up and sit on your lap. You can see by pictures that he was happy on the back of the couch; he would come over and drape himself around my neck. I gave him some time and one day I reached up and picked him up and sat him on my lap! He immediately went stiff and was scared out of his mind. I very gently petted him and only kept him a few seconds, I did this several times a day along with deep even breathing and positive energy; eventually he stayed longer and longer, it was always up to him. One day he laid his head over on my shoulder and went sound asleep, I didn’t move an inch. When he woke and realized where he was he wanted to bolt but I held him very gently and worked through the anxiety and then I let him leave on his own. However, during this I realized that he was petrified to be petted right in the middle of his neck below his head! We are still working on this and some days he forgets and is ok and another time he will tense up and get that horrible look of fear in his eyes and want to bolt! This too is getting fewer and farther in between times but we keep working on it! He was petrified to give kisses but now he gives them a plenty!

He loves his new playmates, especially Gabby Ella (puppy). When she was gone for the day to be spayed he was beside himself and his consolation came with him getting on my lap and sleeping; I was ecstatic that he would use me as his safe spot.

Mickey, Chico, Gabby Ella and Romeo all play together. Mickey and Chico are older but he has got them playing right along!

He is a blessing and we thank you guys for keeping him safe while he was waiting on us to take him to his “forever home”!
Dude, before adoption.Kathy & Romeo watching his first WVU game.Kathy, Romeo & Gabby EllaRomeo & ClariceRomeo & Gabby Ella playingRomeo & Gabby EllaRomeo & Gabby EllaRomeo & MickeyKathy & RomeoKathy & RomeoRomeoRomeoRomeo kissesRomeo sleeping on Kathy's armRomeo on back of sofaRomeo, Gabby Ella & ChicoRomeo

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So happy to see Romeo's new happy home. His picture really captured me on ROR.
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