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From Gus & Suzanne Morrison...

She is adjusting fine. She even goes into her crate to lay down while I am in the room with her. I leave the door open and she takes herself in to lay down. She does not care to be in the crate when we are not in the room with her, but that will come with time. She is venturing further into the yard without me at her side, and is getting along well with Mollie.

Thank you for the harness! We did a couple of laps around the dining room table with the harness on this morning. I want to introduce it slowly so that she has time to get used to it and does not look at it as a bad thing. I would not say that she is a fan, but did well considering. She is eating well, go figure, and understands what it means when Mollie rings the "hurry up" bells on the back door.

Update, December 12, 2011:
Hannah has been a wonderful addition to our family and is getting non-stop hugs and kisses! We LOVE her!!! She and her black lab sister, Molly, are having a fantastic time playing together.
Cindy, before adoption.Santa, Molly and HannahMolly, Santa and Hannah

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